The Oliveum Experience

You may love hot sauce, but it isn’t appropriate in every situation. You can’t pull out a bottle with a cartoon donkey at a high-end steak house. You’re not going to impress your boss by gifting him a bottle of $9 sauce from Amazon.

Oliveum is different. Each bottle of Oliveum is corked, sealed, and stamped with wax by hand and delivered in a magnetic, debossed, laser-cut, fabric box. Each box comes with a stainless steel pourer that replaces the cork to keep each pour clean. Oliveum is presented in a heavy twelve-ounce liquor bottle with a wine bottle label that doesn’t feel out of place, even in the fanciest restaurants. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for a hot sauce lover, don’t buy another horrible-tasting variety pack. Buy them something truly special. Oliveum chili pepper sauce is an unforgettable gift for any hot sauce fan.