Frequently Asked Questions

Oliveum pepper sauce is cooked with the world's finest ingredients and presented in packaging to match. Like a bottle of fine wine, the average person may not fully recognize the difference, but hot sauce aficionados will fully appreciate the unique taste and presentation.

Although there are countless special edition hot sauces that have cost far more, Oliveum Pepper sauce may currently be the most expensive hot sauce in regular production.

Yes, the habaneros, onions, and garlic in Oliveum hot sauce are cooked in extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany, Italy.

Oliveum Pepper Sauce has a completely unique flavor. Habanero peppers mixed with citrus fruit, and multiple kinds of vinegar produce a bright, tangy, effervescent flavor.

We have not found anything on the market similar to Oliveum. Oliveum Hot Sauce has a very heavy vinegar flavor like other vinegar-based sauces, but that is where the similarities end.

Oliveum Pepper Sauce is a medium-level heat of around 3000 Scoville Heat Units. Slightly less spicy than Tobasco Pepper Sauce.

Currently, only 20 bottles of Oliveum are sold weekly and each batch has been selling out in a few minutes. Although we may expand one day, there are not currently any plans to do so.

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Due to individuals buying entire weekly inventories only to resell them for a higher price, Oliveum hot sauce is currently limited to two per customer.

Currently, the only place to buy Oliveum Pepper Sauce is Oliveum, purchased from any other platform can not be guaranteed for safety, freshness, or authenticity.

No, Oliveum Pepper Sauce is not currently on Amazon or in any store.  The only place to buy Oliveum Pepper Sauce is

The only place to buy genuine Oliveum Pepper Sauce is Most individuals selling Oliveum Hot Sauce on online marketplaces do not actually possess it. They will simply take your money and never mail you the sauce. One individual has actually made a counterfeit sauce with similar packaging. To be sure you're getting genuine Oliveum Hot Sauce, you must buy it from

Although many people put Oliveum Pepper Sauce on "everything," most people tend to use it on steak, chicken, fish, pasta, and pizza. Although Oliveum is not a Mexican-style hot sauce, it pairs beautifully with Mexican food to produce a completely unique experience.

Due to its high vinegar content, Oliveum Pepper Sauce does not require refrigeration and many owners actually prefer the taste as it ages. If, however, you want to keep the original flavor and color for as long as possible, refrigeration is suggested.

Once opened, we suggest consuming Oliveum Pepper Sauce within 6 months.

If the bottle or packaging is lost or damaged during transit, please email us at for a replacement.