About Oliveum Hot Sauce

Oliveum chili pepper sauce is the ultimate condiment for hot sauce collectors and connoisseurs. 

Every bottle of Oliveum is cooked with the highest quality ingredients from around the world, each chosen for its unique characteristics to produce a sauce that tastes unlike anything else on the market. 

Each bottle is corked, sealed in wax immediately after cooking, and delivered within days of production. As the sauce ages, the flavors will change, and it’s up to each owner to decide if they prefer the bright taste of a fresh bottle or the unique flavors uncovered by aging the sauce at home.  

Each bottle of Oliveum is delivered in a presentation box with a stainless steel pourer. Whether you’re looking for the most unique hot sauce experience or you’re searching for the perfect gift for a hot sauce aficionado, Oliveum hot sauce will not disappoint. 

Currently, only 20 bottles of Oliveum are being sold per week.